Zipper Sex

Zipper Sex

Zipper sex refers to sex that does not
entail taking off one’s clothes. This form of sex just needs an
unzipped zipper. Zipper sex is usually fast and spontaneous.
Sometimes, it involves unlikely places, such as bathroom stalls and
dark alleys. This can make zipper sex exciting and gratifying – of
course, as long it involves consenting adults.

More About Zipper Sex

Zipper sex can be a lot of fun.
Spontaneity and a sense of danger immediately up one’s sexual
excitement. Yes, there are those who prefer fast action. However,
consider that deliberate and sensual love-making can be as exciting,
too. In fact, some partners look for variety in sex. Zipper sex can
be great, sometimes. However, it is important to unzip other pieces of
clothes and to take it slow at other times.


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