Wet Cupping

Wet Cupping

Wet cupping (also known as blood cupping) is a form of sensation play derived from an the ancient Chinese medicine practice of cupping where cups or bowls are placed on the skin to create suction, drawing blood towards the skin and providing strong, localized pressure sensations. Wet cupping is very similar to traditional cupping, but with one key difference. In wet cupping, the skin is sanitized and small incisions are made, often using a device called a plum blossom. This results in blood collecting in the cups and dribbling out after they are removed.

Wet cupping is an effective way to create intense erotic sensations and leave the skin far more sensitive to stimulation after the cups are removed. While it should not be particularly painful, wet cupping does create dramatic BDSM scenes.

More About Wet Cupping

The sensation of wet cupping has been described as “gentle pulling” and “the opposite of a massage.” All forms of cupping used in BDSM (wet, dry, and fire– where heat is employed to create suction) increase blood flow and can make the area the cups were applied very sensitive to other forms of stimulation with the intensity of that sensation determined by the size of the cups one employs. The larger the cup, the more suction occurs, resulting in more intense sensation.

Wet cupping is an advanced activity and should not be attempted by people without training. The dangers of incorrectly performed wet cupping include infections and breaking down of the skin breakdown. Additionally, leaving cups on too long can lead to tissue death or necrosis. For BDSM practitioners looking to experiment with this form of sensation play, finding a practitioner with lots of experience and excellent cleanliness practices is advised.


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