Vanilla Sex

Vanilla Sex

Vanilla sex is a term describing any sort or sexual intercourse classed as plain or conventional by social standards. The term was coined by the kink community to describe sex occurring outside their community.

It suggests an old favorite, such as vanilla ice-cream. However, it has come to imply sex that’s dull or unadventurous.

Intercourse in plenty of different sex positions commonly falls under the vanilla sex category. However, this is such a subjective term that no one can really dictate which positions are included. Definitions of what is vanilla and what isn’t can also vary.

Each culture has its own idea of what conventional sex is supposed to be like. Cultural subgroups, such as the BDSM community, may also have different ideas about what constitutes vanilla sex than mainstream society.

While there is some dissension, many people would agree that the most popular vanilla sex position is missionary. Most people would also agree that vanilla sex takes place between two naked people in a bed. These probably have real feelings for one another, usually love or at least like.

The sex feels straightforward, without advanced positions or a number of different positions. In most people’s eyes, vanilla sex does not involve sex toys, props, costumes, or additional people.


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