Vacuum Bed

Vacuum Bed

A vacuum bed is a bondage device used in some BDSM play. A person is placed between two sheets of latex held together by a frame, and a vacuum is used to remove the air between the sheets and immobilize the person. The person breathes through a tube, a hole, a gas mask or has their head completely out of the bed.

More About Vacuum Bed

The vacuum bed combines many different fetishes: latex, bondage, and sensory deprivation, among others. It is a popular fixture of many BDSM dungeons.

While in a vacuum bed, the person is only able to move slightly, providing intense, full-body restraint. The vacuum bed also enhances certain sensations like percussion (spanking, flogging, etc.), stroking, and vibrations.

A vacuum bed requires several safety precautions because of the risks of suffocation. It should always be operated by two people because it is impossible for someone inside the bed to get out of it on their own. The person outside the bed should also always make sure that the person inside can breathe properly. Establishing safety signals (when the occupant of the bed cannot speak) is paramount.


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