Twue Dominant

Twue Dominant

dominant is a play on the term “true dominant.” Its use began as
a way to mock members of the BDSM community who insist that there are
strict roles within a dominant-submissive relationship. A true
dominant is supposed to be this and that; they should do this and
that. They criticize those who do not strictly follow these roles.
In return, the effeminate version of “true” was used to describe
them. Twue dominant is also spelled as “twoo dominant” and “twOO

More About Twue Dominant

should not need to be a twue dominant nor a true dominant to become a
good dominant partner. In the end, what matters in a dom-sub
relationship is what works for the partners involved. Partners set the terms
of their relationship. They negotiate what is expected from a
dominant partner or a submissive partner.


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