Twin Standing Pleasure Position

Twin Standing Pleasure Position

Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on April 6, 2021

The Twin Standing Sex Position uses the Axis Mount from Liberator, a wedge-shaped cushion built to hold a sex toy. Using it for our Twin Standing Pleasure Position will allow a couple to get off on the joys of standing in a standing rear entry position while allowing the receiving partner to use a toy where they need it most!

The thing about many standing upright sex positions is that stimulating the genitals of the receiver often requires no small amount of contorting to get the sex toy involved to reach that crucial area. Before we go further, we recognize that standing upright sexual positions may not be accessible to many people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. If this one doesn’t quite apply to you – there are lots more options out there!

Twin Standing Pleasure Wand Massager Sex Position. A person with a clitoris is standing upright with their clit positioned on top of a wand massager that is being held by a sex shape called the Liberator Axis. The partner of the clitoris owner then comes up from behind to penetrate them.

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