Tongue Tied Oral Shower Sex Position

Tongue Tied Oral Shower Sex Position

The Tongue Tied sex position is a shower sex position that uses some creative bondage. In this position, the standing partner can simply enjoy the warmth of a nice shower – along with some oral teasing from a willing partner!

Tongue Tied Shower Oral Sex Position. Person gives oral sex to a bound person in the shower.

More About Tongue Tied Oral Shower Sex Position

The shower is the perfect place for oral sex because both partners are already wet, naked and squeaky clean. If your shower floor is slippery, be sure to add a non-slip bath mat. If more cushion is needed, a folded up towel that can get sopping wet can help cushion the knees of the giver.

The Tongue Tied Oral Shower Sex Position is shown with suction cup kinky restraints. This position, however, can easily be done with standard restraints. As long as your restraints can get drenched in water, they can be used for this position. Put on the two restraints and then clip them together for easy bondage that uses the cuffs you already have. We recommend the receiver bending their elbows to put their restrained wrists at chest level. This keeps the arms out of the giver’s way while also allowing the receiver to place all of their body weight onto the wall of the shower as things get more pleasurable.

If the recipient finds themselves fatigued from standing, this sex position can easily be moved onto a seated position anywhere in the shower. Any medical-made, shower-safe seats can provide a seated position at any point during the fun.

Make sure to keep your water supply in mind while playing with the Tongue Tied Oral Shower Sex Position. Most showers only have a limited supply of warm water, and this oral sex position can take a very unexpected turn if the water gets ice cold! To prevent that from happening, keep your oral sex session quick – or only turn on the water for the later-half of the oral sex. If that’s the plan, turn on the water and warm it up before you initially get into the shower. This will reduce the risk of the shower being ice cold when you turn it on mid-oral.

Interested in rimming? The receiver can easily turn around to quickly turn this oral sex position into a rimming sex position!

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