The Wet Ride Position

The Wet Ride Position

The wet ride position is a face-to-face receiver on top position. This position differs from regular cowgirl positions in that it is done in a bath tub. To get into this position, have the penetrating partner lie face up in the tub. The receiving partner straddles the bottom partner.

Wet Ride Position. The penetrating partner sits back at the end of the tub with their legs straightened out as much as possible. The receiving partner climbs on top and straddles the penetrating partner's legs for intercourse.

More About The Wet Ride Position

This position allows for added fun especially with the addition of bubbles. The tub allows for a lot of variation within the position as the structure can be used for added support. The bottom partner can use their elbows for support or the receiving partner can lean back and use the edges of the tub for support.

If anyone has a vagina that’s sensitive to bathing products and ingredients, ensure that you leave them out of the play – or find bubble baths that work well for their vaginal flora. Sex in this position will push small amounts of that water into the vagina – which can be problematic if the tissue is sensitive to any ingredient in the bath product.

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