The Teeter Totter Position

The Teeter Totter Position

The teeter totter sex position is an intimate, face-to-face, seated sex position in which a rocking prop is added for movement, adventure and excitement. In this position, one partner straddles the prop, while the other sits on his or her lap. The giving partner can then gently rock the prop to add movement to the play and subtly change the angle of penetration.

Teeter Totter Sex Position
Models shown using the Scoop by Liberator.

More About The Teeter Totter Position

Although this position looks pretty basic, don’t be fooled – the rock-and-roll motion makes this an advanced position designed for those with stamina, balance, and a sense of adventure. That said, it’s definitely worth the effort because a minor change in positioning or angle can have a major impact on pleasure. This position and prop provides a range of options allowing users to find the one that really hits the spot.

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