The G-Whiz Position

The G-Whiz Position

The G-whiz position is a variation of the missionary position. Like the original missionary position, the G-whiz position is a face-to-face position which suits vaginal sex. The placement of the receiving partner also makes it well-suited to anal sex.

The G-whiz position takes its name from the positive affirmation “Gee whiz.” This phrase shows wonder, enthusiasm, and excitement, all qualities this sexual position provides. The position’s name also refers to the G-spot, the small and sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina which this position famously stimulates.

To get in the G-whiz position, couples start in the missionary position. The receiving partner lays on their back on a bed or another flat surface. The penetrating partner kneels between their thighs. The receiving partner then raises their legs and rests their calves on their partner’s shoulder. This elevates the penetrating partner’s buttocks off the bed. The penetrating partner leans forward slightly, placing their hands flat on the bed for support, for entry. The penetrating partner has most of the control in this position. They thrust forward, controlling the depth and pace of penetration.

The G-whizz position is an alternative spelling for the G-whiz position. It is also called the anvil position and the dragonfly position.

diagram of the G-whiz sex position - the giver kneels between the thighs of the receiver, who lays on their back with legs and butt raised

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