The Challenge Position

The Challenge Position

The Challenge Sex position is a rear-entry sex position that provides a challenge for the receiver and a very sexy view for the giver.

To get into this position, the receiver should hop up on a short stool or chair (be sure it’s sturdy!). The receiver can then penetrate from behind. This position can be used for anal or vaginal sex. Both partners can adjust hip angles to provide better access and varied penetration. Add some toys from Lora DiCarlo to make it even more stimulating!

The Challenge Sex Position. The receiving partner is squatting on a short stool with their butt stuck out. The penetrating partner is standing behind the partner to penetrate.

More About The Challenge Position

The Challenge gets its name thanks to the thigh-burning fun it provides the receiver. Squatting down and leaning forward provides a great view and angle for the other partner, but it’s really hard work! Be sure to choose sturdy furniture here and position yourselves beside a wall or railing for extra support if needed.

This position can be made even hotter with Lora DiCarlo toys. Here we show an anal variation, with the giver also getting some backdoor fun with some warm vibrations from the Tilt.

The receiver is enhancing the experience with the Osé 2. To get the most out of the position with the Osé 2, we recommend using your hand to support the toy. The interior arm should rest against the g-spot. To avoid knocking it out of that perfect spot while being penetrated in the rear, use a shallow rocking motion rather than sharp thrusts.

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