The Canadian Bacon Air Position

The Canadian Bacon Air Position

The Canadian Bacon Air position is one tasty fix for both playmates. A leans back on his toes, with knees up and hands planted firmly on the ground to give B a solid prop up, as they leans forward, bends in half and pushes those cheeks back out into their playmate’s face.

This is one sexually charged and erotic take on full body nudity, teamwork, and body shapes that invite for mutual exploration from new angles.

Canadian Bacon Air Position: The rimming receiver is standing but bent over at the waist. The rimming giver is face up, holding themselves up with their arms and legs. The receiving partner steadies themselves on the giving partner's bent knees.

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More About The Canadian Bacon Air Position

The bend at the waist by the receiving partner here will create a natural outward and upward angle. This makes for a well spread face-fest for the giving partner. Both partners can also rock into each other.

A clean workspace inside and out is a prerequisite to make sure this warm-up round is a winner every time.

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