The Camel Style Position

The Camel Style Position

The camel style position is a face-to-face, rear-entry sexual position for vaginal or anal sex. In this position, the penetrating partner straddles the receiving partner’s outstretched leg and enters them while they lie on their side. Having sex in this position is also called camel style sex.

To get into the camel style position, the receiving partner lies down on their side on a bed or another flat surface. They stretch the leg closest to the bed out and raise their other leg, bending it at the knee to give their partner access to their vagina or anus. They should also put their top arm down in front or behind themselves to hold the position.

The penetrating partner then straddles their partner’s outstretched leg. Once the penetrating partner is in a comfortable kneeling position, the receiving partner can wrap their raised leg around their partner’s waist or simply place it over the top of their leg, whatever is most comfortable. In this position, the penetrating partner can enter the receiving partner and start having sex.

The penetrating partner has virtually all the control in the camel style position. They set the rhythm of penetration and can also adjust the angle to suit their tastes.

The camel style position has many other names including the pretzel, the pretzel dip, and the camel ride.

diagram of the camel style sex position

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