The Backdoor Position

The Backdoor Position

The backdoor sex position provides unfettered access to that sweet spot and offers total indulgence in getting the job done. While relatively uncomplicated and top-heavy, the receiving partner’s positioning is a major factor in the effectiveness of all that heavy thrusting going on behind them. The wide spread knees and “just-right” height of that butt will help make this position comfortable and pleasurable for both partners.

Backdoor Position. The receiving partner is on all fours with their legs spread. The penetrating partner comes in between their spread legs and penetrates their partner from behind.

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More About The Backdoor Position

Once both playmates’ bodies fit together in just the right way, the direct entry will provide every last bit of depth and intensity available. So, while going out hard and fast is what this position is all about, taking it down a few notches to make for a slow and deliberate experience will ensure that every last bit of every last thrust is felt over and over again.

If the receiving partner needs help supporting their body weight, sex furniture can really come in handy with this position.

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