Taoist Erotic Massage (TEM)

Taoist Erotic Massage (TEM)

Taoist erotic massage is a type of manipulation of the genitals and anus designed to collect and channel sexual energy to reinvigorate the entire body, mind, and soul. It also helps generate awareness of one’s own body and emotions.

This massage gets its name because it is based on the principles of Taoism. However, it is a relatively new technique, dating back to the early 1980s. Dr. Joseph Kramer, an American erotic massage expert, developed the technique as a method for homosexual men to connect sexually in safe way after AIDS was discovered. Males and females can give and receive Taoist erotic massages.

Taoist erotic massage has a number of other names, including body electric erotic massage, Taoist sensual massage, Taoist sensual healing massage, Taoist sexual healing massage, and simply Taoist massage. It is also often known by the acronym TEM.

More About Taoist Erotic Massage (TEM)

Any other type of relaxing massage, such as a traditional massage or a tantric massage, is a good warm-up for a Taoist erotic massage. During a Taoist erotic massage, the person being massaged is encouraged to focus on controlled breathing in time with manipulation of the genitals, anus, or prostate. A Taoist erotic massage is usually performed on a massage table with the aid of oils or lotions, like other types of therapeutic massages.

Unlike other types of erotic massage, such as hand jobs, a man receiving a Taoist erotic massage is encouraged to retain his semen. It’s believed that in doing so, his sexual energy can circulate throughout his body and he will be stronger and healthier. It also helps people remember that the journey towards orgasm is a beautiful thing, and that satisfying sexual touch doesn’t always need to end with climaxing.

That does not mean that Taoist erotic massages never end in orgasms. Instead, men who receive these massages learn to orgasm without ejaculation.It’s not uncommon for people who’ve received a Taoist erotic massage to report entering a transformative altered state during the massage. Since orgasm isn’t the goal and is not always reached, the feelings of sexual enjoyment can be better sustained through a Taoist erotic massage.

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