Taken in Hand (TiH)

Taken in Hand (TiH)

Taken in Hand (TiH) relationships are usually traditional, heterosexual marriages in which the man controls the relationship, or takes it in hand. The role of the man is to make decisions and assign tasks to his wife, while the woman’s role is to please and obey her husband.

More About Taken in Hand (TiH)

Not all TiH relationships have a BDSM sexual component, even though it can happen naturally through the roles assigned to each member. The sexual life of a TiH couple can be different than in non-sexual life, even though it does commonly have some BDSM aspects, such as spanking. Many TiH couples consider that their preferred position in bed (a submissive woman and a dominant man) are the basis of successful TiH marriages.

In a TiH relationship, the husband’s primary considerations are his wife and his marriage. According to TiH couples, this is how these relationships remain healthy and non-abusive. The TiH relationship resembles that of the typical BDSM Master/slave in a total power exchange context, except without the labels attached.

TiH is based on love and trust and on the traditional definition of marriage. Usually, divorce is not something considered by the partners.


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