Swinging Cowgirl Position

Swinging Cowgirl Position

Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on September 22, 2021

The Swinging Cowgirl is a modified rider-on-top/cowgirl sex position that adds in the fun of a sex swing! The sex swing helps support some of the rider’s weight which reduces strain on the rider – and reduces pressure on the partner underneath.

To get into the Swinging Cowgirl position, the penetrating partner should lie underneath the sex swing with their penetrating bits positioned directly under the swing. The receiving partner should then climb on top of the penetrating partner while getting into the sex swing. The receiving partner can then slide their partner inside, but once the partner is inside, the receiving partner should take a few moments to adjust the straps of the sex swing to the exact length necessary to support the movement.

Swinging Cowgirl sex position. With the sex swing lowered near the sex surface, the penetrating partner lies down flat. The receiving partner then climbs on top like in the Cowgirl sex position while getting onto the swing. The swing provides support while on top for the receiver.

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