Subspace is a state of being experienced by a submissive person in a BDSM scenario. There are two key kinds of subspace. The first is physiological subspace. It can be accessed through sustained pain play with floggers, paddles, or a Dom’s bare hands. The second is psychological subspace. It is brought about when a sub is drawn to the Dom, irregardless of physiological factors or the endorphins that pain produces.

Many subs liken subspace to a spiritual experience and say that it becomes easier to reach as their experience with BDSM interactions increases.

Subspace may also be called flying or floating.

More About Subspace

The journey toward subspace, which occurs as a result of pain play, has a range of identifiable levels, both physical and mental. The first stage, in which the sub might tease or provoke the dom, is often termed SAM (smart assed masochist) space. It is a light-hearted entry into subspace. Next comes a period that some call “blonde space.” During this stage, the sub may behave absentmindedly, forgetting commands and even speech. They might start to become emotional. In the next phase, the sub is highly sensitive to touch. In this sexually-heightened state, orgasms can even occur without touch. The sub may behave in a primal fashion. When the high is over and the sub is coming down, they will often feel cold, incoherent, and sleepy. During this phase, the sub requires emotional and physical reassurance known as aftercare.

Subspace is common in two key scenarios. The first occurs when a submissive experiences pain administred by their dominant in a BDSM scene. Instead of using the safe word, the sub may begin to disassociate and step out of their body. In this experience, the sub’s body fights the pain with hormones and endorphins.

In the other, more psychological scenario, the sub’s mind alters due to intense pleasure caused by interaction with the Dom. A surge of epinephrine, endorphins, and enkephalins combine to create a euphoric sensation that numbs any pain.

A sub is unlikely to make rational decisions about his or her safety or well being while in subspace. It’s vital that the Dom care for the welfare of the sub at this time.


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