Stunt Dick

Stunt Dick

A stunt dick is more popularly referred to as a stunt cock. It is a substitute cock in porn movies, replacing the main actor’s cock in close-up sex scenes. The main role of the stunt dick is to step in when the star’s dick is incapable of erection or ejaculation. Like a traditional movie’s stunt man, a stunt dick is the anonymous cock that saves the day, and allows for cost-effective porn film production.

More About Stunt Dick

A stunt dick is the porn industry’s
often unheralded work horse. The anonymous owner of the stunt cock
allows for film production to continue even when the main actors are
incapacitated. This is often in exchange for stunt man-rate pay and
zero fame. However, it comes with opportunities to shine and stand
out. It is said that many of porn industry’s
leading men started out as stunt dicks.


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