Stretchers are a class of sex toy which stretches a specific part of the body. There are stretchers designed to stretch out the balls or scrotum, nipples, the anus or sphincter, the urethra, the labia, and other parts of the body.

Stretchers are most commonly used by a dominant to stretch the body parts of their submissive, often during torture or punishment scenes. They may also be used by individuals playing the part of doctors or nurses in medical role playing scenes.

More About Stretchers

Stretchers are made from a variety of materials, including silicone, leather, and metal. They also vary in size and the amount that they stretch the intended body parts. Some stretchers act as weights, while some others have rings for attaching weights. Gravity acts on these weights to stretch out the body parts. Other stretchers do not use weights at all, and instead have other mechanisms which stretch out body parts.

Stretchers typically cause discomfort and even pain. However, some people find activities such as ball stretching pleasurable. When a submissive is stretched by their dominant, the submissive may also feel pleasure caused by feelings of vulnerability and surrender.

In most cases, the body will return to its usual configuration after stretching. However, with prolonged use stretchers may permanently stretch out the body parts they’re used on. Care should be taken to ensure no permanent damage is done during stretching. Stretchers should only be used as recommended. Instituting a safe word can further help protect the person being stretched.


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