Stealthing is the act of removing a condom without consent during sexual intercourse. Men engage in stealthing so that they can ejaculate inside their partners without their knowledge.

Alexandra Brodsky was one of the first people to write about the act of stealthing in her paper for the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law in 2017. She was compelled to write about the act because many of her friends felt violated by stealthing, although this act wasn’t yet a recognized act of violence.

More About Stealthing

Brodsky says stealthing is an act of gender-based violence as it stems from misogyny and a lack of respect for women and their choices. She believes stealthing may also encroach upon a number of civil and criminal laws. It may be considered as a type of rape, as it sees victims engaged in a sexually activity they have not consented to. In Switzerland, a man who practiced stealthing was convicted of rape in 2017. Brodsky advocates for changes to the American legal system which would make it easier for victims to prosecute for stealthing.

However, it’s important to note that while women are most commonly the victims of stealthing, gay or bisexual males may also become victims. These cases, where a male removes a condom during anal sex, cannot be classed as gender-based violence because both the perpetrator and victim are of the same gender.

Victims of stealthing may be exposed to sexually transmitted infections and be at risk of unwanted pregnancies. When they discover they have been duped, they may also feel confused and shameful, much like rape victims do. Stealthing also compromises a person’s dignity.

Despite the negative repercussions, some men say they feel entitled to unprotected sex and will resort to stealthing to get it. There are even online communities for men who regularly practice stealthing, where they share stealthing tips and offer one another support. The men that frequent these communities typically feel they have a right, as men, to spread their seed. They also usually believe men are dominant and superior to women.


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