Squirting Orgasm

Squirting Orgasm

Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers

A squirting orgasm is a female orgasm involving the squirting or gushing of a tasteless, odorless liquid from the urethra before or during climax. People usually have a squirting orgasm through dual stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. However, some women can ejaculate through G-spot stimulation alone.

The squirting orgasm is possibly one of the most elusive phenomena in female sexuality. Sexologists and scientists interested in female sexuality have not yet agreed on whether it exists. However, there is ample proof that women can and do squirt or gush liquid during orgasm. It’s commonly thought that female ejaculate is liquid from the female prostate or Skene glands with trace amounts of urine. That said, others believe it may be just urine or perhaps something else.

There is some speculation that some women may be able to have a squirting orgasm while others cannot. Scientists suggest the size and shape of the female prostate gland or the female prostate’s ability to produce liquid may determine whether or not women squirt.

Expelling a small amount of milky fluid from the urethra during the climax is very common. This should not be confused with a squirting orgasm. During squirting orgasms, women expel a substantial amount of fluid. In some instances, the fluid from a squirting orgasm may fill a drinking glass.

A squirting orgasm may also be called female ejaculation, gushing, or squirting.

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