Size Queen

Size Queen

A size queen is a person who prefers to
have sex with men with big penises. A size queen can be of any
gender; however, the term is rooted is the gay community. For these
men and women, size does matter. They will only be fully sexually
satisfied when “taken” by huge male genitalia.

More About Size Queen

There is nothing wrong with being a
size queen. Size does have some advantages. A huge penis can be a
formidable bed mate. It can please and overcome a willing sex partner.
The downside to being a size queen is that it greatly reduces one’s
pool of sexual possibilities. Size endowment is primarily determined
by genetics. It is not something that can be achieved through therapy
or trips to the gym. When one includes personality and intelligence
to the ideal qualities of a bed mate, there might not be a lot of
choices for the size queen.


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