Sissy Training

Sissy Training

Sissy training is a process where submissive men learn to take on traditionally female roles. The submissive, known as a sissy, learns to adopt ultra-feminine behaviors and perform feminine activities under the guidance of his dominant partner. Sissy training is usually performed as part of a BDSM role playing scene or BDSM lifestyle.

More About Sissy Training

The activities performed as part of sissy training are generally varied. They can range from non-sexual acts, such as housekeeping or applying makeup, to sexual acts such as performing oral sex on the dominant or being anally penetrated.

Cross-dressing and shaving the body are other common elements of sissy training as they help transform the male body into one that appears more feminine. However, it believed that most sissies are heterosexual, although the sissie group does include a small number of trans women.

Sissy maid training is a common subset of sissy training. During sissy maid training, the submissive generally dons a frilly, skimpy maid’s uniform and performs a range of duties, from household chores to sexual acts. At all times, the maid must behave in a submissive fashion.

Sissy training is a process which occurs slowly over time. It requires a significant commitment and trust from both the Dominant and submissive parties.

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