Silent Play

Silent Play

Silent play is a type of BDSM play where the submissive partner is not permitted to make any sound. A submissive who breaks this rule is likely to be punished for disobeying the dominant’s orders. Sometimes a submissive’s silence is enforced by the use of gags or hoods, but this isn’t always the case.

More About Silent Play

The submissive is always silent during silent play, and the dominant will decide whether the silence continues. If the dominant does not speak, the mutual silence can increase the focus on the sexual play and make it more intense.

While gags or hoods may be employed, many submissives believe that learning to be silent on their own is an important part of slave training. This requires a great deal of focus and composure. Submissives may find it easier to stay quiet if they focus on their dominant’s voice or actions. Keeping their mouth closed, as if they were wearing a gag, and breathing out whenever pain or pressure is applied can also help submissives stay silent.

Silent play may be practiced by people with a silence kink, or simply people looking to spice up their relationship.


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