Sexual Singularity

Sexual Singularity

Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on September 14, 2021

Sexual singularity is a term used to describe a theoretical future state of human relationships where people will choose virtual connections over in-person ones. Those virtual connections are not limited to human beings, but can include VR porn, app-controlled sex toys and artificially intelligent sex dolls.

It also does not mean that people will entirely forgo real-life connections, however, their preferred sexual relationship will happen virtually. The potential of a sexual singularity is social theory that has not been proven but is being considered and debated.

This kind of shift in relationship dynamics could have significant impacts on society in everything from demographics to the economy to politics. The theory that being immersed in a digital world can lead to a decrease in empathy needs to be studied.

Movement towards a sexual singularity has increased in the past decade. The advent and adoption of technology has provided people with increased opportunity to connect with others without ever meeting those new people in person. Messaging systems, video conferencing, Bluetooth connectivity and increasing capability in internet connectivity ensure that folks are always able to speak with another person, regardless of distance.

Further technological advances, such as haptic technology, 5D film, artificial intelligence and robotics and virtual reality offer increasingly immersive ways to be “connected” to others without ever leaving your home.

These technologies are booming in the sex world and are often referred to as sextech. Apps can allow someone to control their partner’s sex toy from anywhere in the world. Virtual reality has a strong foothold in the porn industry. Video conferencing revolutionized the sex cam industry. Haptic technology has introduced the option to touch another person at a distance. Artificial intelligence and sex robots are a hotly-debated industry that is rapidly evolving. Companies are continuously producing models with more advanced features.

Under an evolved sexual singularity, those who do come to prefer a virtual connection may come to be known as digisexuals.

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