Sex Sling

Sex Sling

A sex sling is a type of sex furniture that can allow one sex partner to perform in a passive role by using leverage to keep their hips high and legs in the air. These devices usually consist of straps, which are positioned around the neck for anchoring, and open ends where the legs are inserted for support. The straps can be adjusted to change the height of the leg position and the access level of sexual intercourse.

A sex swing is also known as a sex harness.

More About Sex Sling

Sex slings can be useful for sexual positioning by providing greater comfort in a variety of positions. Raising or lowering the legs so that the passive partner does not have to do so of their own volition allows for deeper or more shallow penetration as necessary. Slings are also helpful in removing obstacles from experimentation in sexual activity, especially those created by one partner’s inability to maintain a difficult position for a long enough period of time.


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