Scoring Position

Scoring Position

Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on February 24, 2021

The scoring position is a fantastic position for anyone craving a more active role during sex play – while providing a deeper level of penetration to boot!

This position also allows the receiving person to put themselves into whatever gloriously just-right position they want. Plus, getting into the Scoring Position doesn’t depend on any Twister, or Olympic-level gymnastics, putting it solidly on our list of positions to try out at least once.

This position does require a somewhat sturdy piece of furniture, the one the person on the bottom will be sitting on. Fortunately, sturdy doesn’t necessarily mean massive as a low coffee table will do. If you set them up in a way where they won’t unexpectedly topple over, a stack of firm cushions may work as well. This position could also be ideal for people who use wheelchairs or mobility devices like walkers.

Scoring Sex Position

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