Reviewed by Marla Stewart
on February 24, 2021

A rigger is someone who enjoys tying other people up in rope. A rope is a popular tool in the BDSM community. A rigger is generally a Dominant, and their submissive, the person who is tied up, is known as a rope bunny, rope bottom, or rope slut.

Riggers are also sometimes known as rope artists. The term “rigger” comes from sailing when it was applied to the person who was responsible for the ropes that controlled the sails. Rigger can be used to refer to anyone who gets pleasure from tying people up. It is neither gender nor sexual orientation specific.

For some riggers, just tying someone up in intricate bondage can be sexually satisfying. Other times, once the rope bottom is tied up, more sexual play will commence. It is understandable that riggers would enjoy being known as artists.

Rope bondage is a specialized kink that takes a considerable amount of time to learn and perfect. Some riggers prefer simple rope bondage to tie a rope bunny up in bed or while standing.

Riggers can also perfect complex patterns and knots, such as in shibari, that move a rope slut’s body into unnatural positions that may or may not be entirely comfortable for that person.

Some riggers practice suspension, where they bind their submissive and then raise them into the air and leave them bound and hanging by the rope.


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