Reverse Cowgirl Anal (RCA)

The Reverse Cowgirl Anal position is a sexual position in which the receiving partner straddles their partner’s body with their back turned to their partner. Like other “receiver on top” positions, Reverse Cowgirl Anal makes for comfortable anal sex – since it lets the receiver set the depth and pace. This also provides the receiving partner with complete control over the duration of anal sex.

Reverse Cowgirl Anal (RCA)

More About Reverse Cowgirl Anal (RCA)

Since this position leaves the receiver’s hands free, Reverse Cowgirl Anal works perfectly with a wide variety of sex toys – whatever you happen to need or want to add extra stimulation during penetration! A simple toy, like the Satisfyer Teaser, can be helpful in this position. Since it straps onto a finger, it’s always available at a moment’s notice, won’t get lost in within the haze of pleasure, and will still be easy to find even if the two of you choose to change positions.

Depending on the penetrating partner’s height, their arms may be long enough to pleasure erogenous zones on the receiving partner like the nipples, the back of the neck, or even hold a vibrator for the receiving partner while the receiving partner enjoys themselves.

Since this position allows for a lot of room around the receiver, this position can be ideal for a pregnant receiving partner. Similarly, this position can be comfortable for larger-bodied receiving partners. On the other hand, a pregnant penetrating partner or penetrating partner with a large stomach may find that a more forward-leaning change in their partner’s angle may help make this position more comfortable for them.

While the position image shows the receiver leaning back during penetration, some people may find that uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. While penetration may be shallower, some receivers may find it more comfortable to lean forward in this position to rest their weight on the penetrating partner’s thighs or calves. If this makes for too shallow of penetration, the penetrating partner can use pillows or sex position aids to raise their upper body which may help provide a different angle for deeper penetration.

Any receiving partners with knee concerns will want to approach this position with caution. While the majority of your weight will likely be on top of your partner’s hips, the bend of the knees can still become painful if you have previous knee concerns.

Vigorous sex should be done with caution in this position. Since the receiver is likely unable to see the exact penetration angle, this can put the penis at-risk of harm with long, fast thrusts that may miscalculate where the penis is currently pointed. The receiving partner can eliminate a lot of this risk by adopting a grinding motion once on top – or by doing slow, gentle thrusts.

If the receiver on top also has a vagina, this position allows for double penetration scenarios.


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