Ravishment Fantasy

Ravishment Fantasy

A ravishment fantasy is a sexual fantasy that is very common in women. This fantasy usually involves a dominant male lusting after a woman so much that he can’t resist her. Women who fantasize about being ravished will often imagine an intense sexual experience taking place after a man loses control and has his way with her sexually.

Unlike other types of resistance play, such as rape fantasies, ravishment fantasies are generally not about forceful or violent sexual acts. Instead, the sexual acts in a ravishment fantasy are usually very intense, but also quite sensual. Oftentimes, a woman will know or otherwise have a connection with the man in her fantasy.

More About Ravishment Fantasy

Ravishment fantasies and other types of resistance fantasies are some of the most common fantasies among women. These types of fantasies and sexual play typically make a woman feel very sexual and desirable. Many women are also turned-on by the thought of being completely out of control and overtaken by a strong, dominant partner.

Acting out a ravishment fantasy can add some excitement to a couple’s sex life. The ravisher and the ravished can get rather creative with their roles. Scenes can be sensual and seductive, or they can be intense and emotionally charged. Before venturing down this road, though, communication is important. Boundaries and details should be discusses before the ravishment takes place. A safeword should also be decided on beforehand, in case the scene becomes too intense for either the ravisher or the ravished.

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