Within the role playing community, a puppy is a human who pretends to be a dog. Puppies can be male or female. Puppies tend to be submissive people who are often involved with more dominant individuals who take on the roles of masters or trainers.

A puppy is also sometimes called a human puppy.

More About Puppy

Puppies enjoy shedding their human inhibitions and forgetting about the stresses of day-to-day life and embracing their animal side. Some puppies gain sexual pleasure from their role playing, but there is not necessarily a sexual component to puppy play. Behaving as a puppy provides a more spontaneous existence, where one doesn’t have to worry about bills or workplace responsibilities. It is a lifestyle which provides plenty of positive reinforcement and attention through verbal praise and pats. Discipline may be necessary, as with animal pets, when puppies misbehave. However, this is never cruel or painful.

Puppies are more mischievous and playful than dogs, who are also humans role playing as canines. A person’s real age does not determine whether he or she will take on the role of a puppy or a dog.

Puppies take on the personas of dogs to varying degrees. Some puppies live as dogs all the time, while others only role play part-time. Some are happy to talk while in character, while others will only growl and bark. Some walk on two legs while others will only get around on all fours. Some puppies dress as dogs, while others only wear collars, or no costumes at all.

Despite exhibiting many of the behaviors of real dogs, puppies should never eat dog food as it can make humans sick. Human foods can serve as good substitutes, including cold canned beef stew and certain cereals.

Puppy contests and parties are acceptable places for puppies to play in public. Tail-shaped butt plugs are another recent innovation targeting the puppy market.


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