Public Humiliation

Public Humiliation

Public humiliation is any humiliation ritual performed in front of other people. In a BDSM context, public humiliation is a form of erotic humiliation where the submissive is verbally or physically humiliated in front of his or her friends, family members, or even strangers.

Public humiliation is sometimes called humiliation play.

More About Public Humiliation

Public humiliation may involve wearing a particular item of clothing or a fetish item, being unable to speak in social settings, being handcuffed in a prominent public place, being prompted to remove one’s underwear, and much more. Public humiliation may be overt or it may occur without spectators konwing such as when a man wears a cock ring in public under his clothes.

Public humiliation reinforces the power dynamic of a BDSM couple, making the submissive feel vulnerable and giving the dominant partner a rush of power.

As with all elements of BDSM, public humiliation is typically performed with the consent of both parties. However, in some cases it can be emotionally or psychologically distressing. Coming up with a safeword can help lessen the risks associated with public humiliation. Communication is also important to ensure that public humiliation does not become degrading for the submissive partner.

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