Procasterbating refers to putting off
productive tasks in favor of masturbation. The urge to masturbate
comes naturally for many people, if not everyone. In fact, it may be healthy to occasionally masturbate. It keeps one’s libido in check. It can help lessen
physical and emotional tension. Masturbating only becomes
procasterbating when the costs outweigh the benefits.

More About Procrasterbating

The difference between productive and
unproductive men and women is what they postpone in favor of
self-gratification. Masturbating can be good for one’s health.
Procasterbating is bad for it. So, when one feels the urge to
jerk off, weigh the costs. If there is urgent work that needs to be
done, it might be more worthwhile to postpone masturbation and just
do it during one’s private time.

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