Prison Scening

Prison Scening

Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on December 1, 2021

Prison scening is a type of sexual role-playing activity where the participants act out a scene that could take place in a prison. During prison scening, participants may take on the roles of prisoners, prison guards, or other people in a prison setting.

There may be an element of consensual non-consent (CNC), where one partner adopts the role of an unwilling partner. If embarking on an CNC scene, clear communication before, during and after the scene must be maintained. Both partners must be crystal clear on what the safeword/signal will be to halt or change the action, and an aftercare activity is a good idea.

Understand that prisons as an institution can be sensitive or emotional and the appeal of participating in a fantasy prison scene may vary wildly depending on your background or relationship to them.

The term prison scening is most commonly practiced in BDSM-style role-playing, but vanilla couples may also role-play with prison scenarios.

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