A playroom is any space for performing a BDSM scene. While any room which hosts a BDSM scene technically qualifies as a playroom, the term is most commonly used to denote rooms permanently furnished with items used in BDSM scenes and play.

A playroom may also be called a play space or a dungeon space.

More About Playroom

Playrooms typically feature sex furniture, such as whipping benches and suspension devices, as well as tools of the trade like floggers and paddles. Sex furniture can be obtained through commercial retailers, although many handy couples fashion their own. An area for punishments is also an effective addition.

It should be temperature controled, with the temperature set to be comfortable for a naked submissive. It’s a good idea to position a playroom close to a shower or bathroom for easy clean-up after scenes.

BDSM practitioners may have playrooms in their own homes. People attending BDSM parties may also find playrooms at the events they attend. There are also playrooms for hire which couples in the BDSM community or experimenting with the lifestyle can play in.


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