Pillory Bed

Pillory Bed

A pillory bed is a special bed that has a stock built into the headboard or footboard. Just like the stocks used in medieval times to punish criminals, the pillory bed’s stock is made up of a vertical wooden frame or post which closes around a person’s ankles, wrist, or head.

This type of bed is used to restrain a person, typically in BDSM play. It may also be called a bondage bed.

More About Pillory Bed

A submissive partner may lie on a pillory bed during a BDSM scene. The pillory bed’s stocks encloses and restrains the sub’s ankles, wrists, and/or head, depending on the bed’s design. While this design will vary depending on the position and shape of the stocks, the pillory bed’s purpose remains the same. This piece of furniture restrains the submissive individual and ensures that he or she cannot leave the bed.

Alternatively, a submissive person may stand at the head or foot of the bed and bend at the waist to enter the stock. This position is ideal for whipping a partner’s back or engaging in rear-entry sex.

Once a submissive is restrained by a pillory bed, a dominant partner is free to torture and tease them as they wish. This might involve light sensual play or more intense sensations using whips, floggers, or other devices. Penetration, whether through intercourse or with sex toys, may also occur. Medieval stocks were intended for public humiliation. Similarly, in a BDSM scene, the dominant partner may use a pillory bed to humiliate his or her submissive.

Those who are interested in experimenting with bondage furniture like pillory beds may first wish to explore other bondage tools such as wrist and ankle cuffs, ropes, and tape.


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