Penis Limiter

Penis Limiter

A penis limiter is a device worn over the penis which limits how deeply one can penetrate their partner during sexual intercourse. A penis limiter is used to minimize the discomfort that some people experience during intercourse involving a large penis. While there are currently no devices specifically marketed as penis limiters, several other sex toys can work for this purpose.

More About Penis Limiter

A variety of items can work as penis limiters. The first is an ordinary penis or cock ring. The ring can be moved to the desired point along the shaft of the penis and can then be used as a guide for how deep to penetrate.

Jelly rings, which are designed to be used in combination with penis pumps, can also serve as penis limiters. These rings, commonly known as donuts, are also rolled down the base of the penis. They cover part of the shaft, preventing complete penetration.

Penis sleeves can also serve as penis limiters. They work in a similar fashion to donuts but can be cut to size and customized to accommodate a male penis more comfortably.

Many people use penis limiters to make penetrative sex, especially vaginal penetration, more comfortable. A long penis can bump the cervix during vaginal sex, causing discomfort and pain. While wearing a penis limiter might seem like an extreme solution to the problem, knowing you may hurt your partner during sex can cause anxiety. Wearing a penis limiter can reduce this anxiety and help a man enjoy a much freer, more satisfying sex life.


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