Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is a kind of sex play that involves maintaining a high level of arousal for an extended period of time without experiencing orgasm. This physical and psychological practice is often used in conjunction with BDSM or dominant/submissive relationships.

Anyone of any gender or orientation can participate in orgasm denial as either the top or bottom. During orgasm denial, the dominant partner will actively bring the submissive partner to the brink of orgasm and then abruptly stop or change stimulation. This can be repeated as many times as the partners desire with orgasm only happening under certain circumstances—or not at all.

Orgasm denial can happen in many different ways including stopping stimulation before the climax can occur, touching other erogenous body parts that stimulate and bring pleasure, but do not result in orgasm, using restraints to limit the submissive’s ability to touch the dominant or themselves and using chastity devices, such as cock cages and chastity belts.

While it may seem contradictory, orgasm denial is actually a method that heightens pleasure through obedience and submission. Pleasure is drawn out over time and becomes the focus, as opposed to orgasm. Continued orgasm denial play can actually result in stronger, more intense orgasms.

Orgasm denial is also known as erotic sexual denial.


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