Nylon Fetish

Nylon Fetish

Reviewed by Jen Mallia
on September 28, 2021

A nylon fetish is a sexual interest centered around wearing — or seeing others wear — nylons or pantyhose. People with a nylon fetish are sometimes called nylon fetishists.

Some activities commonly enjoyed by nylon fetishists include:

  • Wearing pantyhose during sexual activity.
  • Having their partner wear pantyhose during masturbation or sex.
  • Watching or engaging in BDSM scenes of humiliation where a male submissive must wear pantyhose or a submissive is gagged by pantyhose.
  • Looking at people wearing pantyhose, either in person or in photographs or videos.
  • Becoming aroused by the sight and sound of pantyhose ripping or tearing.
  • Smelling nylons someone has worn.
  • Ejaculating on nylons or watching others wearing nylons being ejaculated on.

People with a nylon fetish usually have a preference of nylon type. Some such preferences are:

  • Nude, opaque or colored nylons.
  • Stockings, thigh highs or suspenders.
  • With or without garter belts.
  • Modern or vintage nylons.

Additionally, people who get turned on by others wearing nylons may also have preferences such as:

  • Who they want to see wearing them — They may enjoy seeing people of a particular gender, age or body type wearing nylons.
  • What clothing the nylons are paired with — They may enjoy seeing people dressed up for the office or wearing casual skirts with nylons underneath, or prefer seeing people wearing nylons and nothing else.

It’s worth noting, though, that nylons tend to flatter all people. People of any gender, age, shape, size or height can wear them and feel confident the undergarment makes their legs look nice.

A nylon fetish is a very normal and healthy sexual interest. As nylons are so accessible, it’s also a very easy fetish to indulge in. People can easily buy nylons for themselves or an intimate partner. Several websites appeal to nylon fetishists, with provocative images and videos of different types of people in various states of undress wearing different types of nylons.

A nylon fetish is also called a nylon stocking fetish, pantyhose fetish, tights fetish or leggings fetish.


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