Multimate Relationship

Multimate Relationship

A multimate relationship is an intimate relationship entered into by more than two people who all consider one another primary partners. Multimate relationships share some of the characteristics of inclusive relationships and expanded families, but lack their hierarchical structures.

The people involved in a multimate relationship may be married or unmarried. Their marital status does not impact their standing in the relationship.

More About Multimate Relationship

The people involved in a multimate relationship share an emotional and sexually intimate bond. They may share responsibilities for finances, child-rearing, and household chores, especially if they live together. More people may join the multimate relationship if all existing members consent.

As the participants in a multimate relationship consider themselves to all have primary ranking. No one person or relationship gets preference over another. All people’s opinions, feelings, desires, and needs are respected and heard equally. When disagreements or conflicts occur, the members of a multimate relationship consider all sides carefully to find a solution that best serves all members of the relationship.

As with traditional marriages, the married members of a multimate relationship refer to one another as husbands, wives, or the non-gender specific term spouses. Nonmarried members of a multimate relationship may be termed freemates, paramours, or consorts.

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