Muffing is a sexual technique for manually stimulating the inguinal canals. These little-known parts of the body are orifices within the groin located behind the scrotum and testicles. In fact, the testicles descend from the inguinal canals.

While the term was originally described to give pleasure to trans women, men could also enjoy muffing. However, for them it won’t be used as a substitute for the fingering that anatomical females enjoy.This term should not be confused with a simultaneous oral sex act between lesbians or the act of a woman sitting on a male partner’s mouth or nose, both also commonly called muffing.

More About Muffing

The technique was first described by Mira Bellweather in her pioneering zine, “Fucking Trans Women.” As a transsexual woman with a penis, her zine focused on pleasuring pre- or non-op trans women, rather than post-op trans women. Muffing can be a masturbation technique or something someone does to an intimate partner.

When muffing a trans woman, you can insert your finger into one or both inguinal canals. Locating these canals can be difficult, as they’re surrounded by flesh. Bellweather suggests people can find the inguinal canals by feeling upwards and behind the penis. While the entrances are small, roughly the same diameter as a finger, at first, they will stretch with repeated muffing. As the inguinal canals are so small at first, newbies should start slowly and take care.

Muffing feels good because the canals contains the ilioinguinal and genitofemoral nerves that make touching your genitals pleasurable. The deeper a finger is inserted, the better it should feel. However, you should avoid fingering too deeply, or you could potentially cause harm. There are also psychological reasons why pre- or non-op trans women who feels no real connection to their penises often find muffing sexually gratifying. Some trans women who get gender reassignment surgery say they miss muffing because fingering the vagina, which is naturally lubricated, can be much messier.


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