Milking is the act of massaging a man’s prostate gland through his anus to encourage him to ejaculate as much seminal fluid as possible. This act may be done for sexual pleasure or medical reasons.

The term milking and the action associated with it are most commonly used within the BDSM community.

Milking is also sometimes called a prostate massage.

More About Milking

To milk your partner’s prostate, insert a finger or more inside his anus. Feel for the prostate, a raised area at least one inch inside the anus which is about the size of a large walnut. Massage it gently but firmly, starting slowly before increasing the intensity.

The orgasm achieved through milking is commonly known as a prostate orgasm. This orgasm is said to be more intense and more pleasurable. The man may feel like he needs to urinate before this orgasm, even if his bladder is empty. It’s best to empty the bladder before milking to help the man relax.

It can be difficult for some men to accept something entering their anuses. Starting with a genital massage of the penis, testicles, and perineum can help these men relax and make the process feel less clinical. You may also incorporate milking with a hand job to increase his pleasure.

While milking is most commonly enjoyed for sexual pleasure, it can also help improve prostate health. Some man find milking is a good natural substitute for taking pharmaceutical drugs.

While milking can be pleasurable and beneficial for the prostate, it’s important for the person milking to remember the organs and tissues being massaged are very sensitive. Never milk your partner’s prostate when your nails are long to ensure you don’t damage the skin inside the rectum. Hands should also be kept clean. Sterile latex gloves may be worn. Some water-based lubricant can make milking easier and more pleasurable. Alternatively, a milking device or sex toy can be used to milk the prostate.


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