A Master is a male dominant of the BDSM community. Typically, Masters exert ultimate control over their slaves, who are submissive members of the community. In fact, slaves are not seen as people at all, but as objects that are owned by their Masters. Nearly every aspect of a slave’s life is controlled by their Master, and they must submit to their Master’s demands at any time. For instance, Masters may decide when and how their submissives can speak, what they wear, and even when they can use the bathroom. Of course, a slave must also submit to any and all of their Master’s sexual requests. This type of arrangement is know as Total Power Exchange, or TPE.

Although the terms used to describe these arrangements – Master and slave – make them sound like someone is being forced, this is not the case. Slaves are consensual adults that make the choice to submit their freedom to their Masters. In return, their Masters are responsible for seeing to all of their slave needs and are also responsible for their safety. The terms and limits of a Master and slave’s relationship is usually solidified with a formal contract.

The female version of a Master is usually referred to as a Mistress.

More About Master

True Master and slave relationships in the BDSM community are similar to traditional marriages. These relationships are often long-term, and all parties enter into these relationships willingly and ready to commit to them. Much like the wedding ring, a collar can be used as a symbol of a slave’s commitment to their Master. Some Masters and slaves may even choose to have a formal collaring ceremony to formalize their relationships.


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