Macho Sub

Macho Sub

A macho sub is a sub, or submissive person, who likes to push the limits of what they can endure. The pride macho sub’s feel in their ability to withstand pain or punishment is a key part of their identity.

The term macho sub is short for macho submissive. A macho sub may also be called a macho slave.

More About Macho Sub

Rather than showing distress or ending a scene, macho subs would rather endure whatever treatment their dominants deliver, even if it is not pleasurable. They are unlikely to offer spontaneous feedback about their discomfort. Macho subs are often driven by a desire to please their dominants, to prove themselves to be good submissives, and to never appear weak or wimpy.

Dominants must take great care when interacting with macho subs, as they cannot rely on these individuals to let them know if their limits have been passed. Many macho subs refuse to use safe words or other signals to show that they have reached their limit or are in undue pain. Because of this, dominants must be vigilant in monitoring macho subs to ensure they do not suffer undue physical or emotional pain or suffering.

Dominants may also need to tailor the questions they ask their macho submissive to receive more useful feedback. Specific questions like “Would you enjoy heavier or lighter sensations?” are typically more useful than “Are you okay?” As macho subs may answer in the way they feel makes them appear strongest, their answers should never take the place of a dominant’s own observations. Dominants may also order their macho subs to share their discomfort and stresses, thereby forcing them to open up.

Macho subs should also tell their dominants about their macho tendencies, ideally during the negotiation phase. This helps dominants know how best to proceed working with their submissives.


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