Lotus Sex Position

Lotus Sex Position

The Lotus sex position is a popular vaginal sex position. This position requires the penetrating partner to sit on the bed or floor in the lotus position, cross legged or with legs extended, as shown below. Note though that while extending the legs is easier, purists suggest this variation isn’t a true lotus sex position.

After the penetrating partner gets into position, the receiving partner then straddles their partner’s lap. The receiving partner wraps their legs around the penetrating partner’s waist. From this position, the penetrating partner can enter the receiving partner. The receiving partner may also wrap their arms around the penetrating partner’s torso for support. The penetrating partner may also hold onto their receiving partner for extra support. In this position the partners slowly rock together, rather than thrusting.

People have practiced the lotus sex position for thousands of years. It featured in the Kama Sutra, which was published in the third century AD, but it may be much older than this. Its longstanding popularity is indicative of the pleasure it can bring couples.

The lotus sex position is also known as the lotus blossom position and the crossed legs position. In tantra, it is called the yab-yum position.

Lotus Sex Position. The penetrating partner sits with their legs straight in front of them. The receiving partner sits on top of the receiving partner's lap with their legs on either side of the penetrator's hips.

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