Little Lift Position

Little Lift Position

The little lift sex position is a rear-entry position that uses a prop, generally a pillow or wedge, for comfort and positioning. Although this position can be performed without the help of sex furniture, elevating the receiving partner’s hips here makes penetration – whether vaginal or anal – more accessible and more comfortable. Better positioning may also facilitate longer bouts of play and better G-spot stimulation.Little Lift Position. Receiving partner on stomach with hips propped on wedge while partner penetrates from behind.

Models are shown using the Wedge by Liberator.

More About Little Lift Position

For those who find rear-entry penetration difficult or uncomfortable, the Little Lift can provide just the boost they need for optimal comfort and positioning – not to mention deeper penetration. Sex props such as that shown here can also be helpful for those who suffer from back or knee pain because it helps provide more ergonomic positioning. The giving partner may also enjoy the view this little lift provides!


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