Lithromantic is a romantic orientation denoted by feelings of romantic attraction that individuals do not intend or want to develop into romantic relationships.

Lithromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. People who are lithromantic can have any sexual orientation or gender. It is sometimes called akoiromantic or apromantic.

More About Lithromantic

People who are lithromantic are familiar with the feelings of romantic attraction. They often enjoy fantasizing about the romantic relationships they could form with the people who catch their eye and their heart. However, they do not really want a relationship. They are perfectly content to feel a romantic pull towards people who do not reciprocate their affections. They wouldn’t ask the object of their affection out or take any other actions to show they’re interested. If someone they like does show romantic interest in them, lithromantic people are likely to be less attracted to them.

While lithromantic people do not seek out romantic relationships, they may still find themselves in them. These relationships may be short-lived if the romantic feelings they once held for their partners will probably fade quickly. However, some lithromantic people find they can have successful romantic relationships if they’re given enough space and autonomy, or if they’re not expected to have the same romantic feelings as their partners.

Not all people who are lithromantic have the same attitudes towards romance. Some lithromantic people are disgusted by it while others have a very positive view of romance. Others sit somewhere in the middle, feeling indifferent or apathetic towards romance.

The term lithromantic was originally used in the lesbian community, and some members of that community believe using it outside this community is appropriation. To avoid causing offense, some people who do not identify as lesbian prefer using more neutral synonyms like akoiromantic or apromantic.


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