Lion's Roar Position

Lion’s Roar Position

Plain old doggie style gets a lift in the Lion’s Roar Position! In this anal or vaginal sex position, the receiving partner is penetrated from behind. Their partner uses a strap (like the Doggie Style Strap by Sportsheets) to help lift their hips and maintain balance.

With support like this, don’t be surprised if you feel the inclination to throw back your head and let out a mighty roar!

Lion's Roar Position - the receiver on their hands and knees is penetrated from behind. Their hips are supported by a strap held by the partner

More About Lion’s Roar Position

To get into the Lion’s Roar Position, the receiving partner gets on their hands and knees facing away from their partner and slips the strap under their hips or belly.

The penetrating partner can grasp the ends of the strap or wrap them around their wrists and lifts their partner towards them. The strap enables leverage for thrusting and a handle to grip, particularly useful if the receiving partner is uncomfortable having their sides held during sex.

The strap also helps if the receiving partner is disabled and cannot easily maintain a hands and knees position or hold their weight comfortably.

The Lion’s Roar Position is a position that lends itself well to vaginal or anal sex with a penis or a strap-on dildo.

The crowning move for the Lion’s Roar is to hold your head back like the magnificent, sexy animal you are and let out your wildest roar.

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