Leg Thrust Position

Leg Thrust Position

The leg thrust position is an anal sex position that leaves the partner-on-top in complete control.

To get into this position, one partner should sit on the floor, legs outstretched, while the other finds a good balance by planting those feet and palms firmly on the ground and using his waist to lift. Keeping the knees closed in is going to limit the depth of penetration, whereas spreading them wide is going to allow for more depth. Some basic arm and leg strength will help maximize this position as well.

diagram of the leg thrust sex position
Created by kalebsutra.com

More About Leg Thrust Position

Playmates on top can do it so much better! This intimate round is going to score points for depth, but you can probably cross the intensity out of this sex position unless the partner on the bottom can get some serious twerking going on back there.

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